The Garage Staff

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Bonita Holt has been a licensed massage therapist practicing in Cincinnati Ohio since 2000. She is a graduate of the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage.

She spent 8 years working in a chiropractic setting and then went on to explore the salon and spa environment where she learned aromatherapy and hot stone therapy. She quickly grew to become a master massage therapist and practiced for another 5 years. She is well versed in Swedish / relaxation massage, hot stone massage and deep tissue massage. She also performs passive range of motion and re-positional release technique.


Onalda "Onnie" is a graduate of one of the finest schools for massage therapy, SHI School of Medical Massage. As a seasoned professional from New York City, she joins us with a unique and open perspective on bodywork.

Her specialties include Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy. She is also well versed in orthopedic testing and treatments. She is a former member of the Ohio Sports Massage Team with the AMTA and is very active within the local strength and conditioning community. Onalda enjoys fitness, cooking, reading, riding motorcycles, spending time with loved ones and her dog, Gracie. Her dedication to and passion for her profession is the cornerstone of The Garage.

Our Story

How The Garage Got Its Start

In the summer of 2008, the founder of The Garage, Massage Therapy & Bodywork, enrolled into the SHI Integrative Medical Massage School in Lebanon, Ohio. Little did she know that she would be in for a life-altering experience. During her time at the school she experienced such personal growth and satisfaction that it further instilled in her the desire to share her knowledge and talents with her community.

She also realized a significant gap in the services offered to many people. Many of the massage services were targeted to more affluent clientele but also were located in more suburban neighborhoods. For many men, spas or salons were perceived to be mainly for female clientele. In addition many clients, expressed discomfort with the settings of some of these salons and spas. Simply put, they felt as if they didn’t fit in.

The Garage, Massage Therapy and Bodywork, was born out of the basic desire to serve all hardworking Americans. It provides affordable and quality manual therapy services in an urban, grounded environment. The Garage is a collective of massage therapists and body workers who share the same values, drive, passion, training and compassion.